The Salvation Army established the first National Donut Day in 1938 in Chicago.

Donuts and “doing good” have always gone hand in hand. During World War I, Salvation Army “Donut Lassies” served donuts to soldiers. Today, we continue to celebrate their work by delivering the sweet treat to those in need – and to donut lovers across the country.


Celebrating National Donut Day from Coast to Coast

On June 7, Salvation Army staff and volunteers in Columbia will be delivering donuts to all in and out patients, staff and guests at the VA Hospital as a thank you for their service.

Thank you to Hy-Vee

We could never do this without Hy-Vee who donates 42 dozen donuts for National Donut Day. They are amazing for the many ways they give and support our community! So make sure you stop by you local Hy-Vee on June 7 and grab a delicious gourmet donut for yourself to celebrate.