The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation. It seeks to address the root causes of poverty in addition to The Army’s history of compassionate serving. By helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can lead families down a path toward increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.

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The Pathway of Hope Approach Includes:

Catalyzing community collaboration in service of shared clients

  • Catalyzing community collaboration in service of shared clients
  • Moving families from crises and vulnerability to stability and eventually self-sufficiency, tracking family progress along the way

  • Bringing all The Salvation Army’s internal resources to bear, aligned to the goals of clients

  • Focus on hope as a measured outcome, which represents the distinctly relational, spiritual outcome that The Salvation Army seeks in the work it does

  • Strengths-based case management services

Case Management for Pathway of Hope is located at:
The Salvation Army Corps
1108 West Ash Street
Columbia, MO 65203
To schedule an appointment with our
Pathway of Hope Case Manager please call
Anthony Johnson at 573-442-3229, ext 240 or email Anthony.Johnson@usc.salvationarmy.org

Resources and Connections

Through involvement with Pathway of Hope, families will be introduced to both Salvation Army and other services that are available in Boone County that offer a network of support, a sense of community, holistic programs, and spiritual guidance. Pathway of Hope is also a service connector to job training, health services, childcare and education, housing options, legal services, and much more.

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Pathway of Hope
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