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That Perfect Gift of Showing Up


~*~ Devotion ~*~


Today I told a friend that I have showing up is my “sho nuff” spiritual gift. At the time, I was saying it in a tongue in cheek kind of way. “I think that’s how they say it. However, I quickly reconsidered. I believe this was another confirmation from the Spirit of God reminding or confirming me that showing up is more than half the battle, it is a ministry.

This time and space that we are in right now may be causing many of us to speculate way past too much. We begin to over think things that we have made up in our minds to be true, like, “I am not useful in this fight”, “ I am so unproductive”, or “ I am so insignificant and just have nothing to contribute maybe this is not the right place or calling for me”. I know that some of you may be thinking that I just went too far, and you are right. It is not logical or real, but when you have allowed the spirit of confusion to spend time in your presence and he brings his friends doubt and frustration, strange unreal things begin to occur. The ultimate betrayal of the mind comes when you allow yourself to believe I am just……… Put in this space whatever your most beautiful abstract gift is. The gift that is so normal to your character that you often take it for granted, like praying for others or calling someone to check on them, writing a letter or taking someone to the store or even just sitting and watching TV with a person.

God wants each one of us to that he has given this gift to, to know that it is our time to shine. Open the door and invite doubt, confusion, and frustration to get out! We are in the right place at the right time and we are so much needed right now. One of the things that social distancing makes it hard to do is read a person’s face and body. Right now, they can tell us they are fine and we really may not be able to recognize it is not true. So do not ask, just call or just show up and just be. Yes, they need a friend right now, or you wouldn’t be thinking about them and yes your call or thought or small gesture has made the biggest ministry impact a person could ever expect.

The ministry of presence puts us right were God wants us, and it is defiantly not a minor gift. Galatians 6:2 tells us to Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. This is the ministry of presence. This is the sho nuff spiritual gift of showing up.